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Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta is one the three special region in Republic of Indonesia. Yogyakarta is become special region because of Yogyakarta was capital of Mataram kingdom, Yogyakarta was capital Republic of Indonesia exactly at 1949 and the third reason is because of Yogyakarta is the only one province in Indonesia where has life Governor. Peoples in Yogyakarta do not have to do election to choose our Governor. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono is a King of Yogyakarta Sultanate, and in government level he is our Governor.

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For the time being Special Region of Yogyakarta is become second famous tourist destination, first is Bali island. Because Yogyakrta has some beautiful places that can visited by everyone. Itinerary for cultural tours to Yogya Such as Prambanan temple, Borobudur temple, Sultan Palace, Water Castle, Malioboro street, Merapi volcano, Parangtritis beach etc. And there some beautiful places near by Yogyakarta such as Dieng Plateau, Gedong Songo temple, Solo city, Sukuh temple, Cetho temple etc. For who like to see some World Heritage and  do Yogya cultural tours, Yogyakarta is the right destination. As a driver I would like to invite and offered to you transport service accompanied by English speaking driver who can act as your guide. We will drive and guide you around to our beloved Province of Yogyakarta.

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For your Yogya tours, you also can do outing activities. We are not only offer to you Borobudur and Prambanan temple and shopping tours but you also can do village tours. During the village tours, we will invite you to take part in intensive batik course at batik village of Giriloyo. Then we will accompany you to do cycling around a village in southern part of Yogya while enjoy the beautiful rice field and see activities of local people in the village. Then for tubing, we will invite you to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery along Oya river and end of village tours is see sunset from hanging bridge on Oya river. And local traditional food is provided.

You also can create your own itinerary for your Yogya tours while we will provide you transport accompanied by English speaking driver. If you need our service, please feel free to email me here ” tourdriveryogya@gmail.com” or send me SMS to +6281 328 528 191 or whatsapp me to +6287 839 598 777. Do not hesitate to join us and let’s do your Yogya tours with our team.


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