Java is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia.  The island lies between Sumatra to the west and Bali to the east. Java is divided into four provinces, West Java, Centra Java, East Java and Banten, and also two special regions, Jakarta including the capital city of Indonesia and Yogyakarta.

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Although Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia, is the official language in Indonesia, there are also many local languages.  The dominant local language in Java is Javanese spoken mostly in Central and East Java, but there are also other languages like Sudanese, Betawi or Madurese.  For example Javanese people speaking Javanese language don’t understand Sudanese and vice versa. Therefore Indonesian language is commonly used so people from different regions can understand each other. These language differences show us, that (not only) Java represents mix of cultures. Javanese culture is very interesting as you can see during your tours in Yogya and Java with us as Yogya drivers.

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The island of Java offers a wide range of tourist attractions and destinations. Tangkuban Perahu volcano, Botanical garden in Bogor, Pangandaran beach, Dieng Plateau (offering ancient complex of hindu temples, sulfur crater and colour lake), Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Merapi volcano, Sukuh and Cetho temples, mount Bromo, Ijen crater and a lot more beautiful places can be seen by visitors coming to Java. As a tourism drivers from Yogya, we would like to invite you to come and enjoy your pleasure holidays while enjoy our beautiful nature and culture.

Borobudur temple – Merapi volcano – Prambanan temple is one of the simple itineraries for Yogya day tours or you also can create your own itinerary while I will provide you transport and drivers from Yogya.

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Yogya driver tour and guide for an best tour in Yogya and Java. It will be my pleasure to take you around to visit these interesting places ! I have been working in tourism since 1997 and so I believe that I can offer you a very good transport service with an experienced English speaking driver. I won’t only drive as other drivers do, but I will also guide you and explain about the places we will visit during your trip. Let’s go for yogya tour  with me as your driver in Yogya !

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