Dieng Culture Festival is not less interesting .
Dieng is not only famous for its natural beauty alone tourist , cultural uniqueness of the main attraction . Over the last 3 years Dieng Culture Festival become a new magnet travel in Central Java . Dieng Culture Festival is the largest folk festival in the mountains Dieng , held only once every year . Displaying ruwatan tangled hair shaving has long been legendary , art and cultural attractions, puppet and craft exhibits typical Dieng mountains .
Dieng Culture Festival is one of the most spectacular event , and one of the rarest events . The combination of natural beauty and uniqueness in each year .
Dieng One Culture festival is the ritual haircut trash , at the peak of the tangled hair boy lifted to the train and accompanied by Manggolo Yudho and accompanied by various arts in the Dieng plateau , then the children ‘s washed and dreadlocked hair cut . After that the hair will be floated to the river or lake into which the water flows to the south as a form of payback hair .
And as for the other story , the Dieng Plateau legendary figure named ” Maha Yogi Markandeya ” The Son of God who supposedly He Decided To Stop Her Step on the island of Bali To Deploy Hinduism , and As in saying Earlier on Relationship Between Closely Dieng and Bali is not separated from the role of figure A Markandeya who believe in Hindu Bali By Most People Coming from South India ,
In Notes journey ( the Rishi ) from South India Towards the Archipelago and first he stepped on her to Mount Dieng To settle there , and there ( Mount Dieng ) He Encountered A hermitage ” The sage Trenawindhu ” which is a student of ” The Maharsi Agastya ” And Rishi .
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film Bromo Cultural
Travel Package ( DCF ) Dieng Culture Festival 2014
Ready for a tour of nature, art and culture in the Dieng Plateau . Starting from enjoying the golden sunrise , camping in the Mount Sikunir . Then enjoy the natural beauty of the lake color , Pengilon , ancient temples and crater Sikidang . Then watch the biggest cultural festival in Dieng Culture Festival . We will also spoil the tongue by enjoying Noodle Ongklok , Carica and coffee purwaceng .



Dieng SunrIMG-20141118-WA0016ise Sikunir Being in Altitude 2260 meters above sea level, Mount Sikunir located in the village Sembungan – the highest village on the island of Java is indeed a very fitting place to see Sunrise. During the dry season this place is become one the most beautiful place to see sunrise in Dieng Plateau area. But if if would like to see sunrise at Mt Sikunir then you have to stay overnight in Dieng Platea.





Ijen Crater 1As an active volcanic plains in the mountains, it’s natural we find a lot of scattered craters in Dieng Plateau. The most active crater, among others used as tourist attractions considering the relatively easy access point. People called this crater as ” Kawah Sikidang ” or ” Sikidang Crater ” because this crater is always moved from one place the another place in that area. This area was the caldera of the old Dieng volcano.


Film Lakes

Sikidang Crater  and Dieng Volcano





dieng parkInn, hotel or homestay becomes Vital necessity when you go on vacation and spend the night in Dieng. There are several lodging list which you can rent at a price friendly, charming facilities, comfortable rooms from 2 to 5 rooms to unwind while you explore the beauty of Dieng Plateau.





Dieng Plateau which is surrounded by mountains in the Area, If you are in Dieng, in all directions of the compass you can see a view of the mountaindanau diengs and hills like the besieged territory. Some mountain in Dieng are:
Mount Sikunir, from here, you can see you can also see the Sunrise mountain scenery Sindoro, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Telomoyo, Flower Mountain, and Mount Boat.

Pakuwaja mountain, from the summit of this mountain you can see the Dieng plateau with more flexibility. Color Lake in Dieng is one the object that we can visit. It is really beautiful because this lake has some different colors, Sikidang Crater, Dieng temple complex, appear to differ from the point of view Sunrise Pakuwaja also charming.


Temple in Dieng Plateau

The air is frIMG-20141118-WA0007esh, clean and cool, stunning natural beauty, the hospitality of the local people as well as rich cultural heritage of Dieng Plateau has made this area a magnet for the Holidays local and foreign tourists.
Number of visits continues to increase from year to year, indicating the name Dieng becoming known as one of the leading tourist destination in central Java, Indonesia, and the World. Complex of Arjuna temple is Dieng Plateau is famous as the oldest Hindu temple in Java that believed was built during 7 century. There are five temples which is still in original building.



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